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    Written by: Ivan McCutcheon


    The European Union’s Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor has named Cork as the most culturally vibrant city in an assessment that examined culture and creativity across 168 cities in 30 European countries. The first ever Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor shows how well the cities perform on a range of measures describing the ‘Cultural Vibrancy’, the ‘Creative Economy’ and the ‘Enabling Environment’ of a city. Cork scored particularly highly for its cultural venues and facilities, and Arts Council director Orlaith McBride congratulated the city on its performance, saying that “Cork has consistently demonstrated the importance of investment in cultural facilities and infrastructure.” The report points to recent research which finds that for the same job and same monetary returns, given a choice, workers would seem to prefer amenity-rich locations with plentiful cultural and entertainment opportunities

    In overall rankings across the three descriptor categories, Cork ranks 4th in the Small to Medium group, with Eindhoven in the Netherlands placing highest. The Joint Research Council of the EU Commission which produced the report, highlights the contribution of the culture and creativity of a city region to its growth rate. It finds that on average for each additional point cities gained on the culture and creativity index from 2009 to 2013 they added €750 to their GDP.